Amsterdam – Day II.

On the second day in Amsterdam the weather was still not good. I was freezing a bit (especially my head) but I didn’t take a beanie hat with me to the holiday so we bought a powder pink hat in River Island. I was always totally in love with River Island clothes so when I saw the shop in downtown I immediately got in and started to look around (they haven’t had shop in Hungary so I seized the opportunity). I love my new beanie’s color – it looks great with everything.
I combined it with my printed Zara pants, burgundy top and leather jacket. Oh, and my creepers… yeah. :)
In the morning we visited the Van Gogh Museum which was an amazing experience! I love his paintings.
In the afternoon we went on a ship cruise.

Amszterdami nyaralásunk második napon az időjárás még mindig elég hűvös volt. Fázott a fejem (sapkát elfelejtettem magammal vinni az útra, de hát ki gondolta volna, hogy kell…), ezért a River Island-ban vettünk egy púderrózsazín ‘beanie’-t. A River Island-os cuccokért mindig is odáig voltam, csak sajnos Magyarországon nincs boltjuk, így tehát érthető, miért rohantam be egyből az üzletbe, amikor megpillantottam a belvárosban. :)
A mintás Zara nadrágommal, bordó felsővel és bőrdzsekivel vettem fel az új sapkámat. Ja igen, és…. creeperssel! :)
Délelőtt a Van Gogh Múzeumba látogattunk el – imádom a festményeit -, délután pedig sétahajózásra mentünk.

emmaistvanffy: majus25.1
emmaistvanffy: majus25.2
emmaistvanffy: majus25.3
emmaistvanffy: majus25.4
emmaistvanffy: majus25.5
emmaistvanffy: majus25.6
emmaistvanffy: majus25.7
emmaistvanffy: majus25.8
emmaistvanffy: majus25.9
emmaistvanffy: majus25.10
emmaistvanffy: majus25.11
emmaistvanffy: majus25.12
emmaistvanffy: majus25.13Look at this supercute dog! Hahah and he’s alive! But he looks like a pluss. :) And you can see me reflected in the glass on the right! :D
Nézzétek ezt a cukorfalatot! Haha és él! :D De úgy néz ki mint egy plüss. És engem is láthattok, visszatükröződni az üvegben (a kép jobb oldalán). :D
emmaistvanffy: majus25.14leather jacket: Vero Moda / beanie: River Island / pants: Zara / shirt: Springfield /
creepers: Vagabond



    • 2013. May 26. Sunday / 21:15

      thank you Paula! x

  1. 2013. May 26. Sunday / 06:45

    stylish!! you look like you are having a blast!

    • 2013. May 26. Sunday / 21:14

      thanks!! x

  2. 2013. May 26. Sunday / 07:57

    Wow~really cute collection. Thanks for your sharing!
    Shall we follow each other?

    Pls leave a message if u are following my blog, i will follow u back~ lol

    • 2013. May 26. Sunday / 21:14

      thank you! I’ll check out your blog:*

    • 2013. May 26. Sunday / 21:15

      thanks Linda! x

  3. 2013. May 26. Sunday / 09:26

    lovely photos – you never disappoint, darlling xx

    • 2013. May 26. Sunday / 21:13

      aww thanks dear! x

    • 2013. May 26. Sunday / 21:13

      thank you Carly <3

  4. 2013. May 26. Sunday / 15:11

    Love the jeans, I think there are so many jeans with flower patterns at the moment but it’s very difficult to find a pair that’s really pretty. Amsterdam is beautiful, have fun! :)

    • 2013. May 26. Sunday / 21:13

      thanks Carmen! x

    • 2013. May 26. Sunday / 21:13

      thanks :*

    • 2013. May 26. Sunday / 21:12

      thanks Rena!!! x

    • 2013. May 27. Monday / 19:35

      thanks :)) yeah he is so adorable!! :) x

  5. 2013. May 27. Monday / 05:32

    I love your look- perfect for exploring the city! I love the Van Gogh museum, his paintings are so lovely :)

    • 2013. May 27. Monday / 19:36

      thanks Emma! x

    • 2013. May 27. Monday / 19:36

      thank you Charlotte! x

  6. 2013. May 27. Monday / 15:50

    You are so cute. Love your pictures and the print on your trousers- so pretty :)

    Ruth x

    • 2013. May 27. Monday / 19:35

      thank you dear:)) x

    • 2013. May 27. Monday / 19:35

      haha thanks Kaisa!! :) x

    • 2013. May 27. Monday / 19:34

      thanks!!! x

  7. 2013. May 30. Thursday / 18:07

    Great outfit, hope you enjoyed your trip : )

    • 2013. May 30. Thursday / 21:07

      thanks Michele! x

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