7 DIY Tips For Summer

I collected the 7 coolest and most interesting DIY tips for the summer! My favorite DIY fashion blogs are ‘A Pair & A Spare‘ and ‘P.S. – I made this‘ but I also find a lot of inspiration from other blogs and Pinterest.
Here are this season’s top DIYs:


Összegyűjtöttem a 7 legkirályabb és legérdekesebb DIY tippet a nyárra! A kedvenc DIY divatblogjaim az ‘A Pair & A Spare‘ és a ‘P.S. – I made this‘, de rengeteg ötletet szoktam találni más blogokon, illetve Pinteresten is.
Íme a szezon top 7 do it yourself-je:

1. Jewelled Skirt
1An easy tip how to fresh an old skirt and make it look young and cool from the amazing ‘A Pair & A Spare‘!
Egy egyszerű tipp, hogyan dobd fel a régi szoknyádat, az ‘A Pair & A Spare‘ bloggerétől!

2. Ribbon Necklace2A great idea to make a flashy necklace from ribbon from I Spy Diy blog.
Egy ötletes DIY az I Spy Diy blogról, hogyan készíts szalagból egy feltűnő nyakláncot.

3. Snakeskin Printed Tee3I think everyone has some boring white basic top (well, today I was looking for one and I haven’t find any…). If you’d like to make it more interesting here is an idea from ‘love Maegen‘ blog.
Szerintem mindenkinek van 1-2 unalmas fehér basic pólója a gardróbja mélyén (bár én pont ma kerestem egyet és nem találtam…irány a turi!). Ha különlegessé szeretnéd varázsolni, itt egy király ötlet a ‘love Maegen‘ bloggerétől.

4. Arrow Tank Top

4Cropped tops are fashionable nowadays. Here is a DIY to pimp up your top, from P.S. – I made this!
A ‘cropped topok’ nagyon divatosak mostanában (ismét). Itt egy DIY, hogyan dobd fel! (P.S. – I made this)


5. Gladiator Sandals
5Alexander Wang inspired sandals – from a simple H&M footwear!
Alexander Wang inspirálta gladiátorszandál egy egyszerű H&M-es saruból!

6. Studded Loafers6Studs look awesome with anything. Put them on a pair of loafers!
A szegecsek bármivel jól néznek ki. Például ha van egy fekete loafered vagy balerinacipőd, díszítsd ki néhánnyal! (Phosphene blog)

7. Pearl Sunglasses
7How to pimp up your boring sunglasses that you bought last year: with pearls! DIY from ‘A Pair & A Spare‘.
Hogyan dobd fel a tavalyi megunt napszemüvegedet: gyöngyökkel! DIY tipp az ‘A Pair & A Spare’-ről.





  1. 2013. June 15. Saturday / 22:36

    thanks emma for putting this together! a pair and a spare is awesome. seriously some of the best DIY stuff out there.

    x sophia

    • 2013. June 15. Saturday / 22:42

      you are welcome!
      yeah I think so! x

  2. 2013. June 15. Saturday / 22:39

    I absoutely love a spare and pair! Defineatly going to be doing some DIY I think over the summer! Thank you for your comment sweet! x

  3. 2013. June 16. Sunday / 09:24

    Loved this post so much my dear, what a fantastic selection of diys <333 Got me inspired to try the skirt idea, also the pearls-on-sunglasses one! Thank you for sharing, hope you have a lovely Sunday! ^^

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  4. 2013. June 16. Sunday / 15:39

    wow:)) amazing post!
    those DIY are great, maybe I shoud try it :D it doesn’t look so hard:)


  5. 2013. June 16. Sunday / 16:30

    nice tips :)


  6. 2013. June 16. Sunday / 18:39

    Thanks for sharing this doll! Actually I have three diy that I want to try, two are for jeans, and one is a jewelled jumper :)


  7. 2013. June 16. Sunday / 20:56

    Very cute post, great tips!

  8. 2013. June 16. Sunday / 21:03

    the gladiator sandals are my absolute fave… I also love a pair & a spare, this blog is so inspiring !
    Great post :)<3

    xx Blanche

  9. 2013. June 19. Wednesday / 08:14

    cool ! seriously wanna try the alexander wang lookalikes <3

  10. 2013. June 24. Monday / 21:19

    It’s been a while since I last visited your blog. I’ve been doing lots of DIYS myself. Love that skirt though! :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com