Hunger Games

My all-time favorite book and movie is the Hunger Games! It’s really exciting and sometimes inspiring. Love Katniss’ style, this fringed top (from the second hand shop in Nyíregyháza) reminds me of her. With a cool backpack and black sandals my outfit became a casual summer-day look.


Az (egyik) állandó kedvencem a Hunger Games (Éhezők viadala), filmben és könyvben is! Annyira izgalmas, és néha inspiráló. Imádom Katniss stílusát, ez a rojtos top (nyíregyházai turkálóból szintén) is rá emlékeztet kicsit. :) Egy hátizsákkal és fekete pántos szandállal az outfit tökéletes egy nyári hétköznapra.

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sandals: Pimkie / top: thrifted (New Look) / backpack: Claire’s / shorts: New Look /

Oh, and can’t wait for the new movie of the trilogy: Catching Fire!
Már alig várom az új filmet: a Catching Fire-t (Futótűz)!



  1. 2013. June 24. Monday / 21:45

    Your hair is gorgeous girl! Love the fun fringed top and that cute backpack :) You’re looking super pretty!

    • 2013. June 24. Monday / 21:48

      thanks dear! x

  2. 2013. June 24. Monday / 21:49

    imáááááádom a táskádat!!!!!! :))))

  3. Végh Tami
    2013. June 24. Monday / 21:53

    istenem! kell az a táska! ilyet keresek már ezer éve *.* kb. mennyibe kerül egy ilyen?:) xx

    • 2013. June 24. Monday / 22:23

      ez 7000 volt:) x

  4. 2013. June 24. Monday / 22:23

    Yeah, the top sort of reminds me of the fire dress Katniss is wearing in het interview with Caesar. The colour is almost the same and the fringes could be representing the flames. It a great top!

    xo Sootjeelina

  5. 2013. June 24. Monday / 22:32

    Nagyon nagyon csinos összeállítás, tetszik a felsőd! A hátizsák is szuper, és nagyon praktikus! Én is vettem turiban egy etno mintás hátizsákot még régebben, és nagyon szeretem.

  6. Linda
    2013. June 24. Monday / 22:47

    I know, Katniss is my fave heroine from any book/movie! Love this fringed top :)

    Trendy Teal

  7. 2013. June 25. Tuesday / 02:12

    very cute top!! i haven’t read the hunger games, but maybe i should get into them.

    • 2013. June 25. Tuesday / 10:16

      you should! it’s amazing! x

  8. 2013. June 25. Tuesday / 03:19

    I absolutely LOVE the drawstring bag and this outfit. I’m hell as excited for the Catching Fire too. ♥

  9. 2013. June 25. Tuesday / 12:18

    I love your outfit and your hair, you are absolutely gorgeous!! I read all three hunger games books over 2 days. I was obsessed!!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  10. 2013. June 25. Tuesday / 14:59

    That is a beautiful top!!

    Love your blog, would you like to follow each other?

    Sophisticated Lace

    • 2013. June 25. Tuesday / 20:47

      thanks! sure, I love your blog soo much! <3

  11. 2013. June 25. Tuesday / 17:09

    Grate pics love your beauty and your look is amazing
    Thanks for sweet comments!

  12. 2013. June 25. Tuesday / 21:50

    Happy to meet another fellow Hunger Games fan hehe! ^^ Really loved the books and got so angry to see how bad they screwed up the movies!

    Well anyways, your look si fantastic as always, so summery and stylish! <333 You look SO beautiful, bravo my dear!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

    • 2013. June 25. Tuesday / 22:19

      yeah, I think the movies are not so great as the books…
      thanks darling! x

  13. 2013. June 26. Wednesday / 18:50

    Wow, very cool necklace! I always love DIY but never can push myself to make the effort to actually do it haha! It looks great on you :)

    xx Debbie

  14. 2013. June 26. Wednesday / 18:55

    Oh wow, sorry! I somehow posted this comment on your DIY necklace on the wrong post! Very odd. I love the Hunger Games too, just finished reading all of them and they were pretty fantastic- waitin for the next movies to come out now!

    xx Debbie

    • 2013. June 26. Wednesday / 22:02

      ohh that’s nothing:)
      thank you dear! x