Today I went to photshoot with Mark. We walked around downtown and took pictures in a lot of places. I was wearing a casual and comfortable outfit (well, except the sandals…) which contained an elephant printed T-shirt (borrowed from my mom’s wardrobe), shorts and a backpack which is really practical when you go sightseeing or just a stroll in a town.


Ma Márkkal elmentünk fotózni. Körbejártuk a belvárost, és különböző helyeken készítettünk képeket.
Egy kényelmes utcai outfitet viseltem (kényelmes… kivéve a szandált), egy elefánt mintás pólót (anyukám gardróbjából kölcsönöztem) shorttal és egy hátizsákkal, ami nagyon praktikus egy városi kiruccanáshoz vagy városnézéshez.

123456789101112T-shirt: Stradivarius / shorts: H&M / sandals: Humanic / backpack: Claire’s



  1. 2013. July 8. Monday / 21:41

    beautiful! lovely shorts

    • 2013. July 8. Monday / 21:56

      really? I’m living there:) x

  2. 2013. July 8. Monday / 22:22

    not only do I think that the outfit is perfect, but also the composition of the photos, the location, the lightning, just everything about this blogpost, love it! (: xxx

  3. 2013. July 8. Monday / 23:54

    Beautiful look. I had a crush for your top <3
    Kiss Jeny

    • 2013. July 9. Tuesday / 20:39

      thanks! well, I bought them a few years ago but maybe you can find a similar one at H&M xx

  4. 2013. July 9. Tuesday / 13:15

    Beautiful photos Emma and you look very summer.

    • 2013. July 9. Tuesday / 20:38

      come to BP dear, it’s awesome!
      thanks x

  5. 2013. July 9. Tuesday / 16:07

    Beautiful photos! x

  6. 2013. July 9. Tuesday / 19:18

    Great casual look! Love the print and color of the shirt and the backpack is adorable : )


  7. 2013. July 9. Tuesday / 21:05

    I have a same T-shirt !!!

  8. 2013. July 9. Tuesday / 22:14

    Ha ha ha i would die walking around the town in those high wedges, but you nailed it! And backpacks are the most genius invention in mankind since the internet :’)

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  9. 2013. July 10. Wednesday / 08:00

    I love this look! Those sandals are so cute & they go great with your backpack.

    Budapest looks absolutely gorgeous! I want to visit so badly!

  10. 2013. July 10. Wednesday / 16:19

    Amazing pics! So lovely:)

  11. 2013. July 11. Thursday / 08:43

    Love your satchel and shoes! You’re lucky you can fit into your mom’s clothes! My mom’s size is 5 times bigger than mine hehee. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Would you like to follow each other?

  12. Isa
    2013. July 11. Thursday / 19:15

    I wear a very similar outfit to this all the time, it’s just so comfy and it looks pretty easy chic! Lovely!

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