Current Wardrobe Favourites

Hello hello, I am still alive and very excited for the upcoming month. I am in the middle of the portfolio reviews and interviews, currently working on three different projects for uni, and also preparing to work at London Fashion Week in the next few days. I will be updating you on all these exciting stuff on social media.

But let’s talk about wardrobe favourites! For 2018 I did not make any resolutions however I definitely want to dress even more colourful and fun this year. My style has changed a bit since September – I wear much braver prints and colours and I experiment a lot with different textures, styles, and playful clothes.

I made a list of a few things I’ve been wearing a lot lately.

20181. The Pink Jacket. Oh yes, this was a lovely find. It wasn’t cheap, I found it in Mango on sale, but the sale price was still £50 – however I was so much in love, I had to buy it. I really like that it’s asymmetric, and the colour shade is just gorgeous.
20182. These Mandragora ballet shoes were my ultimate Christmas holiday fancy shoes. Every time we threw a dinner party / Christmas Eve party / basically any event, I would wear these inside the house. Cause you know, it’s always a big question what to put on your feet, you can’t just be in socks and high heels are uncomfortable, so the right ballet shoes are definitely the best solution in this case. I am looking forward to spring weather to wear these on the streets as well.
20183. A good basic striped T-shirt is a must have piece in every wardrobe. I love this red striped one, it reminds me of my childhood stuffed animal friend, Striped Man (oh my creativity…). It was actually a very cheap purchase in H&M, I think I got it for about £8. I wear it with everything.
Untitled4. I think my mom is probably the only person who likes my Topshop teddy bear hat (she thinks it’s cute, okay?!). It’s furry and pink and funny – it is the perfect hat for winter. No doubt.
Untitled5. My iconic ‘duvet’ Monki jacket has inspired one of my classmates at uni – she made a coat like this out of her duvet. This is definitely the warmest outerwear I have ever owned, and wherever I go people always ask me about its brand. Even at Whole Foods, the cashier lady wanted to know where I got it from. And people come up to me on the tube, on the street, at uni… I mean, I know, it’s a good one.

Untitled6. Basically anything that’s red or dark orange. I am obsessed with this colour shade, this particular blouse is from Monki (where else?!) and it’s a real struggle to iron it all the time… But it’s worth it I guess. Also, the zipper is so fun on the front!
Untitled7. This Urban Outfitters skirt is so fun to style! It can be part of a casual, everyday outfit, but it also works when I go out. It depends on what I pair it with. I like to combine it with comfortable T-shirts or elegant blouses on an average day, and for a party I would style it with cool tops and heels.

Untitled8. And last but not least: my £2 sunglasses! Haha I haven’t worn them much actually, I got them from eBay a few weeks ago just for fun and I am very proud of this great bargain. I will definitely rock these at festivals this summer!